Multi-show Podcast Studio

Josh Buice and Virgil Walker envisioned a multi-use studio space for recording different podcasts and other video content for G3 Ministries. We at Yonderchild designed and planned out their limited space to best work within their needs.

The lighting, set dressing, and hardware were chosen and setup to best allow variety and options for every shoot. The RGB lighting can be centrally controlled and is completely customizable. The 4 monitors are integrated together to brand each episode filmed in an engaging way.

The studio was configured to allow scripted reads, out-of-studio guests, and video calls in a natural way with telepromtor screens and audio integration.

Once the studio was built-out and configured, we performed training with the G3 staff immediately as well as ongoing support to give them the confidence to utilize the space as designed.

Our work for G3 Ministries:

  • Set design
  • Lighting/sound design and installation
  • Remote production for every podcast recording
  • Episode editing and distribution to streaming platforms